Coronavirus UPDATES: Hope for 2m vulnerable Brits shielding from Covid-19

The NHS will write to those in the highest risk group with any changes to the advice, and support that will be available to them

Roughly two million vulnerable Brits currently shielding from coronavirus could be told they can venture outdoors by the end of July.

A Government spokesman said a final decision has yet to be made amid reports the advice could be scrapped by the end of next month.

Meanwhile a game-changing blood test that spots 98 per cent of coronavirus cases could identify tens of thousands more victims - and might be available from next month.

It comes after Boris Johnson praised the work of UK scientists after they discovered the first drug to stop people dying from coronavirus.

The PM said a major study into steroid dexamethasone was a "remarkable British achievement" following the clinical trials involving 11,500 people.

Breakthrough research has found a common steroid given to coronavirus patients could have saved between 4,000 and 5,000 lives in the UK.

The drug will now be rolled out on the NHS.


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