Kirangajera, a passionate folk singer

Kirangajera, a passionate folk singer We’veseen a lot of people who just run after jobs and most of the people even don’t know what they want to do in life.

However, some people are also very passionate and active in making their dreams come true. One such person is Kiran Gajera who wants to keep traditional folk music and singing alive.

Earlier she was going to sing in the chorus, but in the last five years with hard work she has gained recognition as a solo folk singer. Kiran Gajera , B.A Graduate, says that when my mother used to play Garba and that time I also went to sing with her. Along with the job, I was pursuing my hobby as a folk singer, but as the program ran late into the night I had to go straight to work in the morning.

Then I decided to quit at one point. As expected my family members also supported me and today the result is before youIt may be mentioned that Kiran Gajera, who has a hobby of riding bullets, has done 1000 programs without charging a single rupee. Moreover she performed on stage for 60 consecutive hours in a program organization at hit cyber cafe & studio ptan. She is a proud daughter of patel Community.

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