Paras Pandhi, a unique artist from Gujarat

Paras Pandhi, a unique artist from Gujarat, a folk literature car and for the first time in public, with a new impression of himself, 3 hours will change the lives of people.

 So how did his life change?

 Born in Gondal district of Gujarat and living in Surat for 25 years, Paras Pandhi's life has been very difficult.

 In the original business society, I started doing small and big business from 9th standard.

 Putting up couriers, selling newspapers, running a slipper shop, running a bakery, a job in a call center, a waiter in a waitress hotel at Vapi, and more than 30 such jobs and what Paras Bhai says is what makes me happy today.  I just had the same pleasure

 His dad had been doing business ferries with vegetables and seasonings in Larry for 15 years and four people in the family had given up the desire to study and supported his dad's responsibilities.

 And at the age of 15 he gave a program and people liked it a lot, then people appreciated it and boosted their self-confidence. Today, millions of people are boosting their self-confidence in the return of the same increased self-confidence and their speech has such power that people  Reaches the destination