Bollywood star Kangana Ranaut tests negative for COVID-19

Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut, who recently got permanently suspended from Twitter, took to her Instagram stories for a COVID-19 health update. 

She has tested negative for the virus since May 18, but doesn’t show any signs of letting up on her snide remarks against her detractors. In a video on Instagram, Ranaut urged everyone to be cautious while battling the virus and claimed that steaming and gargling helped her tremendously while she was down. She also claimed that home remedies such as herbal concoctions with basil helped her. She also practiced yoga and meditated during her down time. 

“Hello everyone. Today I tested negative for covid, I want to say a lot about how I beat the virus but I am told not to offend COVID fan clubs… Yes there are actually people out there who get offended if you show disrespect towards the virus… Anyway thanks for your wishes and love.” wrote Ranaut. She also spoke about the importance of emotional and mental well-being. She warned everyone to flush out negativity. 

Earlier, Ranaut’s post where she confirmed her COVID-19 diagnosis courted controversy when she labelled it a ‘small-time flu’.

In the now-deleted post, she had written: “I was feeling tired and weak with slight burning sensation in my eyes for past few days, was hoping to go to Himachal so got my test done yesterday and today the result came I am covid my test done yesterday and today the result came I am covid positive. I have quarantined myself, I had no idea this virus is having a party in my body, now that I know I will demolish it, people please don’t give anything any power over you, if you are scared it will scare you more, come let’s destroy this Covid-19. It is nothing but a small time flu which got too much press and now psyching few people ...,” she wrote.

Kangana Ranaut
Image Credit: @KanganaTeam

Her comment, in which she trivialised the pandemic, didn’t go down well with a large section of social media users, who immediately blasted her for being insensitive and tone-deaf to the current grim situation in India.

But she didn’t back down.

Ranaut, who’s still balking from her Twitter suspension earlier this month, chose sarcasm to combat the sharp reactions to her COVID-19 tweet. India is buckling under a fierce second wave which has claimed thousands of lives.

“Instagram has deleted my post where I threatened to demolish Covid because some were hurt,” she wrote.

Ranaut isn’t the only star who tested positive for the virus. Actors including Amitabh Bachchan, Ranbir Kapoor, Alia Bhatt, Aamir Khan and R Madhavan have all recovered after battling the virus.


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