Uttarakhand Lockdown 4.0: Passengers from Uttarakhand from Hyderabad and Kargil

Dehradun, State Bureau. Continuation of passengers from other states continues between Corona Lockdown-4. In this episode, special train reached Haridwar carrying passengers from Surat to Kathgodam and Hyderabad. From Kargil, 43 passengers were brought to Uttarakhand via buses. 

Now the train will take Haridwar with passengers from Goa. Apart from this, the train from Bangalore to Lalkuan will carry passengers. Also, special trains will be run from Dehradun to Bihar and North Eastern states. So far 2.25 lakh people have registered to come to Uttarakhand from other states. Out of these, 1.04 lakh have reached Uttarakhand. 71 Uttarakhand expatriates have also reached India from abroad.

Amid the lockdown, the process of bringing the stranded people to other states in the state continues unabated. A large number of migrants are being brought back to Uttarakhand by train. Besides, trains are also being sent to other states. Giving this information, Chief Secretary Utpal Kumar Singh said that so far 12 trains have arrived in the state. 

Each train has passengers from 1200 to 1600. The process of returning stranded passengers from Gujarat, Telangana, Pune, Surat, Delhi, Goa, Thiruvananthapuram, Chennai, and other states is underway. So far 121 overseas Uttarakhand is from abroad have applied for withdrawal. Of these, 71 have reached India.


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