Indore News: Awards are given on better marks, mobiles are recharging the needy

Indore News Uday Pratap Singh, Indore. Online education of students has started in government schools, but the families of poor and weak income students studying here are not able to get their mobile recharged. The shutdown due to lockdown has also made it difficult for these families. In such a situation, teachers of government schools of Indore city are teaching students to keep up with the trend towards online class. Teachers are giving prizes of 50 to 201 rupees at their level to about 10 students who score better in the test. Apart from this, teachers are also getting mobile recharge of many students so that students can continue their online studies.

Tests are also being conducted every week with online classes of students at the city's excellent Bal Vinay Mandir School. According to teacher Pravin Kumar Mandaloi, who teaches Hindi specific subjects in the school, he is teaching 60 students of class 12 Hindi specific online. Students are making notes of the subject material taught every day. Apart from this, teachers also discuss with students. According to Mandloi, we will give the prize money at our level to the students when the teacher school opens. If a student has to get a mobile recharge, he will give the amount in advance. Many teachers are also recharging the mobile of needy students.


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