Mhari Jahnavi is Wonder Girl, Chori of Haryana became the icon of youth around the world

Panipat, [Ravi Dhawan]. Pashish: Kanshashvaiv Vidyamarth M That is, without missing a single moment, one must learn water. Jahnavi of Samalkha of Panipat assimilated it. The Jahnavi (Ganges) are flowing the stream of life in India, and the Jahnavi of Haryana is flowing the stream of positive thinking. Delivering inspirational narratives from the digital platform. The world now knows her as Wonder Girl. He specializes in accents (pronunciation) of eight languages ​​of the world. This daughter of Haryana has become an icon for the youth all over the world.

The stream of positive thinking flowing, giving inspirational addresses from digital platform in lockdown

Jagran talks to him to find out what Jahnavi is doing in lockdown, what he is learning and what he is teaching. We had to wait a little bit before the conversation. Jahnavi was meeting the students of England. This is now the routine of Wonder Girl. She is sending the message of being positive in life to people in many countries like America, England etc. and other regions of India through Zoom, YouTube, Skype and other digital platforms. Appointment is fixed via phone. After this, their session starts at the appointed time.

Everyday session is getting fixed, she inspires by telling her story

Jahnavi, a BA final student of Satyavati College, Delhi University, is also learning Japanese and French at home these days. Ever since she was eight, she was determined to learn English. She would repeat it as she spoke on the BBC. Children in the neighborhood used to joke that they are learning to mimicry. Does English also like this. But did not give up. She also went to the Red Fort with her father in Delhi, so that she could talk to foreigners and control the language there. A few days ago an English professor from California reached her home. Actually, he saw Jahvavi speaking on YouTube. She was with him for a week. Also, offered that she can come to California to study whenever she wants.


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