Jamshedpur Crime File: Jamshedpur Nes causing land-grabbing business

Jamshedpur, Jas. In the game of sale and purchase of land, there have been gangs in many areas including Govindpur, Birsnagar, Sundernagar MGM, Parasudih, Adityapur, Sidgowda, Sitaramdera, Sonari, Kadma, Kapali. There is also a nexus between white robes and criminals. This is often the reason why firing and killing incidents have taken place in the city.

Bloody game usually takes place in the battle of occupation of government land, railway land, tribal land and Tata sublease land. It is not that the local police station is not aware of this. Police knows everything. Now take the matter of the river Bardiadh from Bhuiyadih. Land is also occupied here. The government land in Birsnagar was plotted and sold. Since the game of land capture has become a game of crores, now this business has become an organized industry. Seeing the crime file, it is found that most cases reach the police station only related to the land dispute. Kadama police station in-charge Vinay Kumar was caught in the matter of land. The government orders that if government land is occupied in any area, action will be taken against the SHO, but it does not happen.

They are dead

In the game of sale and purchase of land, the land trader Ranjit Vaiz was shot dead on 25 January in Adityapur. A few days before the incident, there was a dispute about the purchase of seven bighas of land in Anandpur, Adityapur. Earlier, Budheshwar Kumbhakara was killed for stopping the purchase and sale of land at Birbans in Seraikela. He was killed by businessmen attached to land. Congress leader Shaan Babu was killed in Adityapur. Sanjeev Singh was killed in Parasudih in May 2016 by his opponents. He was involved in the business of buying and selling land in Govindpur and Parasudih areas. JMM leader Lakhai Hansda was killed by opponents over the purchase and sale of land behind Ghaghidih jail. Three were sentenced to life imprisonment, including Dr. Tudu. Nagendra Singh was killed in Rahargowda, Parasudih. BJP leader Hopen in Parsudih's Kaliadih Hembrom was assassinated on 11 May 2019 in a land dispute. Six accused in the murder are in jail. Buchhu Ghosh and his accomplice Rajiv Chakravati were killed on March 15, 2009 in Kadama Ramnagar by shooting and bombing near number six. He was also involved in the business of buying and selling land. There are many such examples.

Everything happens with the collusion of the officials

Tribal and non-Mazrua land is also registered with the connivance of the officials. Many brokers sell the same land to different people. After purchasing the land, when the buyer goes to the CO office for mutation, then who pays the money. Mutations are done in his name. With the help of its domineering, the work of land capture begins. The police have the right to impose sections 107 and 144 in the SDO court to prevent it from working on the disputed land. Police takes advantage of this. Police play this game that if goods are received from a party, then it imposes 144 on the disputed site. If you want to benefit the other party, then it takes several days. Land is captured


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