Lock down 4.0: Many important concessions and facilities announced in Haryana, know where discounts

Chandigarh, Lockdown 4.0 has also come into force in Haryana. The Haryana government announced several important concessions and facilities in Lockdown 4.0 on Monday late evening. The state government announced that factories in other areas of the state, except the Containment Area in the state, would be able to run with full staff. Markets will also open, but the District Deputy Commissioner will determine the time for this. The government will run roadways buses from Haryana to other states. Along with this, the government has made several announcements. 

 Decisions taken in the meeting with the officers of CM and Deputy CM

In the whole scenario, the fourth phase of lockdown will be extremely precautions for people. Caution taken, following the adage that the accident took place, if the precautions taken in the first three lockdowns were not taken care of, then anything could happen that should not happen. With the announcement of the government, the situation will start normalizing in Haryana from Tuesday. The health of corona infected patients is also improving gradually and the market condition is also improving.

Haryana Chief Minister Manohar Lal and Deputy Chief Minister Dushyant Chautala reviewed many such decisions in departmental meetings, which will prove effective for the people from Tuesday. The Chief Minister first held a meeting with the Administrative Secretaries. Then, through video conferencing, during many important meetings, announced concessions and relief.

Industrial activities will start by considering all 22 districts of the state as Orange Zone


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