Pannun Case: Russia Backs India, Questions Lack Of Evidence By US

According to the information we have, Washington has not yet provided any reliable evidence of the involvement of Indian citizens in the preparation of the murder of a certain GS Pannun. Speculation on this topic in the absence of evidence is unacceptable," the official spokeswoman of the Russian foreign ministry, Maria Zakharova said at a briefing on Wednesday.

The United States lacks an understanding of the national mentality and historical context of India's state development, showing disrespect towards India as a nation, she said.Zakharova's remarks came in response to a media query on Moscow's reaction to accusations against an Indian official of a foiled "assassination' plot, and the American news publication .The Washington Post', it seems to me, should use the term "repressive regime' and everything you quoted in relation to Washington. It is hard to think of a more repressive government than Washington, in both domestic and international matters. Now directly about your question," Zakharova said, according to the readout of the briefing released by the Russian foreign ministry.

"Regular unfounded accusations by the United States against New Delhi (we see that they groundlessly accuse not only India but also many other states) of violating religious freedoms are a reflection of the United States' misunderstanding of the national mentality, the historical context of the development of the Indian state and disrespect for India as a state . I am sure that this also comes from the neocolonial mentality, the mentality of the colonial period, the period of the slave trade, and imperialism," she said.

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