Hand sanitizer sample fail of many companies of the country including life saving medicines, company seal of Sirmour

Solan, Sunil Sharma. Samples of 59 drugs of different companies manufactured in different states of the country have failed in drug alerts issued by the Central Drug Standards Control Organization CDSCO. In these, samples of life saving medicines including hand sanitizers manufactured in some of the well-known companies of the country have also been found failed. Hand sanitizer manufacturers are some companies belonging to Delhi and some from Punjab state. Along with this, eight different samples of Paracetamol's Cold Best Syrup manufactured at Digital Vision Company, established in Kalaamb, Himachal, have not been found intact. 23 of the country's 59 medicines are manufactured in Himachal's industries.

The Central Drug Standards Control Organization has issued appropriate guidelines issuing copies of drug alerts to all states. The State Authority has issued notices to the concerned pharmaceutical industries for replying and orders for destruction by replenishing the defective goods. The quality of medicines made in some industries including Jammu, Punjab, Kerala, Maharashtra, Nagpur, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, Uttarakhand, Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Jaipur and Delhi including Himachal have also been questioned.

Battle against Corona with fake hand sanitizer

Hand sanitizers are being used in the country to deal with the corona virus, but there are also industries in the country that are not deterring from messing up the hand sanitizer itself. In about six types of hand sanitizers in the country, alcohol content has been reduced by half the amount shown and some less than half. In such a situation, this hand sanitizer, which destroys germs, is now under question. The samples of Viro Rub Hand Sanitizer manufactured at the country's High Tech International, Feel Good Hand Sanitizer, Bond Instant Hand Sanitizer, Lemon Cello Hand Sanitizer, Alex Hand Sanitizer, are manufactured at Bawana, Delhi.


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