Theaterisation plans: CDS Chauhan emphasises on need to expedite jointness

The defence ministry said Gen Chauhan stressed the need for expediting the jointness process to create "multi-domain response capable Indian armed forces".
The conclave was also attended by officers from Department of Military Affairs, Integrated Defence Staff and members of various sub-committees of the Chiefs of Staff Committee (COSC).
"Various COSC sub-committees gave an update on the progress of initiatives considered imperative for jointness and integration," the ministry said.
"There was active deliberation on the vital reforms critical towards the fruition of the goals envisioned to achieve the desired 'joint and integrated' end state towards transformation," it said in a statementAs India looks at implementing the ambitious theaterisation plan, Chief of Defence Staff Gen Anil Chauhan has underlined the need for expediting the process of "jointness" in the three services to create a multi-domain response mechanism.
Gen Chauhan made the comments at a two-day conclave of senior military officers who deliberated extensively on rolling out the theaterisation plan. The conclave concluded on Friday.

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