I support voters refusing to vote for Modi...': Subramanian Swamy says PM 'allowed China' to grab land in Ladakh

Former MP and BJP leader Subramanian Swamy on Thursday extended his support for the “nationalist voters" who are refusing to vote for Prime Minister Narendra Modi in the ongoing Lok Sabha elections, “because Modi has allowed China" to grab Indian land in Ladakh.

Swamy also called out the prime minister saying that his lie deprived “Ladakhis of sheep grazing". 

Taking to X (formerly Twitter), the BJP leader said, “I support Nationalist voters refusing to vote for Modi in Varanasi. I support vote for BJP karyakarta candidates. Why? Because Modi has allowed China to brazenly grab 4064 sq kms of Ladakh since April 2020 and told a lie “ koi aaya nahin…". depriving Ladakhis of sheep grazing."


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