Narendra Modi will finish his third term as PM: Amit Shah

Union Home Minister and BJP leader Amit Shah has exuded confidence that the party would emerge as the single largest party in the southern States after the Lok Sabha election. “After the end of three phases of polling for Lok Sabha, I can say that we are going to win more than 200 seats. The fourth phase is critical and we are receiving good reports. We are going to sweep Andhra Pradesh along with our allies and also win at least 10 seats in Telangana,” he said a press conference on May 11.

Overall, the party is sure to win over 400 seats as the people of the country have decided to give Prime Minister Narendra Modi another term in office. “Mr. Modi will complete the third entire term and there is no confusion in the party about it,” he asserted, when asked if he would take over as PM mid-term.


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