India in lockdown: know how and when it started and what concessions it got

new Delhi. Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced a Janata curfew on 22 March 2020 to curb the corona virus in India. During this Janata curfew, the exit of anyone from the house was banned. In this, people showed the unity that was needed to make the PM's appeal successful. This 14-hour Janata curfew was successful in every way.

Lockdown-1:  After this, at 8 pm on 24 March 2020, the country was announced to lockdown from 25 March. This lockdown was for 21 days which was to end on 14 April. Everything was locked in this lockdown. At the time when PM Modi announced it, till now there were only 500 cases of this deadly virus in India

Lockdown-2: On 15 April 2020, PM Modi extended the lockdown period to 3 May and Lockdown-2 began. This phase of lockdown was for 19 days. During this period, districts across the country were divided into red, green and orange zones. Accordingly, only medical stores were allowed to open. Apart from this, everything was banned

Lockdown-3:On May 4, the center started the third phase of lockdown and announced lockdown-3. The lockdown was for May 4–17 and was in place for 14 days. In addition to the three zones already created in this phase, containment and buffer zones were created. In the guidelines issued by the government, the assessment of 21 days of phase was necessary to change the red zone into orange zone. Within these 21 days, the number of infected people had to decide whether to increase or decrease the zone. However, in this phase people were allowed to leave conditionally. It stipulated the opening time of shops other than medical stores. Although it also has shopping malls, No such place, including a movie theater, was allowed to open where the crowd was expected to gather. However, in this phase some industries and offices were opened with the conditions that PPE kits would be provided to the employees. Apart from this, it was also said that the employees would not need to come and stop them, but the company would like to stop their food and drink and would like to start their work during this period.

Lockdown-4: On 17 May, the Union Ministry of Home Affairs issued new guidelines for Lockdown-4 and extended its period to 31 May. During this period, most of the earlier restrictions were kept in force.


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