US Election: Hillary Clinton in support of presidential candidate Biden

New York, IANS. In the US presidential elections in 2016, Hillary Clinton lost to Donald Trump, this time from the Democrats in favor of Presidential candidate Joe Biden. He said on Tuesday that I also want to join those who are supporting the appointment of Biden as President. All Democratic leaders have chosen Biden as the most qualified leader of the party and elected him as the presidential candidate.

In response, Biden said, "I really appreciate your friendship. It's a wonderful personal support." The two leaders were holding a virtual town hall meeting on the impact of the Corona epidemic on women from their homes. During this time Clinton announced this.

Before President Hillary Clinton, former President Barack Obama has also supported Biden. He has called Biden a qualified candidate for the post. He endorsed that Biden has all the qualities to become president. Obama said that the country is going through a difficult phase at this time and Biden can prove to be a troubleshooter at this time. Let us also tell you that Biden was the Vice President during Obama's tenure.

Biden organized an event to discuss the corona virus. Prior to this meeting, Clinton had indicated through a tweet that she was going to attend the event. He has criticized President Donald Trump for dealing with the global epidemic. 


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