Sachin Tendulkar will always have two things in his life, not fulfilled

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New Delhi Sachin Tendulkar is considered one of the greatest batsmen in international cricket history. Cricket fans have also given him names like Lord of Cricket and Master-Blaster and all the records are recorded in his name in Tests and ODIs. There are hardly any records that Sachin did not achieve during his career. But during an interview, he told that he will always regret two things. 

In an interview given to, Sachin told about his two wishes which could never be fulfilled. He said that I will regret the first thing that I never got a chance to bat with Sunil Gavaskar. He said that Gavaskar was his batting hero and Little Master had retired just a few days before his debut in international cricket. 

The other thing that Sachin Tendulkar regrets is that he did not play in international cricket against Sir Vivian Richards, the legendary West Indies cricketer. According to Sachin, he definitely played county cricket against Richards, who retired in 1991. 

Sachin said that the other thing that I will always regret during my career is that I could not play internationally against my childhood hero Sir Viv Richards. However, I did get the privilege of playing against him in county cricket. Although he retired in the year 1991 and I made his debut in the year 1889, I certainly had a chance, but it could not happen. 


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